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How Can You Extend the Life of Your Asphalt?

Whether you have asphalt or concrete pavement repair needs, there are several things you should consider before making the investment. The process can be very complicated and expensive, if not performed correctly. It is essential to choose the right contractor for your asphalt repair needs. One way to extend the life of asphalt pavement is to perform regular preventative maintenance. This will allow you to extend the life of your pavement structure, which can save you thousands of dollars over the course of ten years.

In most cases, repairing asphalt damages is not only faster than removing them but also less expensive. The reason for this is that asphalt repairs can be completed with the least number of materials, as compared to other types of repairs. When it comes to other types of repairs, such as for potholes and cracks, it is common to have to remove and replace damaged asphalt, as well as apply additional materials. Not only does this cost more, but also it is possible for problems to become worse before they get better.

What are the Benefits of Asphalt Maintenance?

  • Extends life of asphalt
  • Saves you money in the long run
  • Improves the look of your pavement
  • Prevents further damage

More About Asphalt Repair

Individuals, who own property, whether it is residential or commercial, know that maintenance is an essential part of taking care of it and its value. When it comes to the outside of a property, taking care of the driveway and parking areas is an essential part of maintaining property value, aesthetic appearance, and protecting the automobiles that use the paved areas. This is why asphalt repair of driveways and parking areas is an important part of property maintenance. There are several things that can cause damage to asphalt leading to the need for asphalt repair. Certainly, over time most all properties with asphalt paving will need asphalt repair or asphalt repaving; however, there are certain events that can cause significant damage to asphalt requiring immediate attention. The two primary causes of asphalt damage creating a need for asphalt repair are weather and vehicle traffic.

Over time both weather damage and vehicle traffic cause a wearing down of the integrity of the asphalt. This creates a need for asphalt repair in order to keep the damaged asphalt intact. Heavy weather incidents such as rain, hail, ice, or snow can cause erosion of the soil underneath the asphalt. This is one of the primary asphalt repair concerns that property owners face. When any heavy weather incident occurs that involves precipitation, potholes are often created. As the integrity of the asphalt materials take a beating, asphalt repair is often recommended as soon as weather permits. This should be done before the damage expands and becomes more problematic for the property owner.

Another problem from weather related damage that creates a need for asphalt repair is fraying of the edges of the asphalt. This can be weather or traffic related. Once this happens, the entire area around the damaged asphalt can begin to crack and crumble. If an asphalt repair is completed early enough, there is little need to worry about a complete repaving.

Once the asphalt begins to crumble; however, the damage may become more extensive as traffic usage increases and time passes. If this occurs, then the asphalt repair could require a much larger area to be repaved in order to maintain the overall asphalt integrity. While weather certainly can be a primary factor, heavy trucks or large amounts of vehicle traffic can also cause asphalt to crumble and fray.

People who drive on the fringes of an asphalt pavement, such as the case in driveways that may not be wide enough for through traffic or larger vehicle traffic, may be the culprit of this type of fraying damage. Cracking and crumbling along the edges of asphalt that requires asphalt repair can also occur when there are large amounts of vehicle traffic or heavy vehicles driving or parking on the asphalt.

While these may seem like they are not the normal reasons people need asphalt repair, these incidences actually occur quite frequently for property owners. Temperature Changes And Asphalt Repair In addition to inclement weather, extreme temperature changes such as extreme heat or cold can cause frost heaves or melting and buckling of the asphalt.

This can be a big concern because it will not only fray, crack, and crumble, but it will also cause the asphalt to rise and fall in different areas making it an uneven and unsafe driving surface. In this case, an asphalt repair would be required to level the area and make it safer for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Additional Causes Of Asphalt Damage While not a major concern for most people, there are times when chemical spills can also cause crumbling asphalt that would require asphalt repair.

Leaving heavy equipment or personal property in a specific area of the asphalt can cause asphalt damage that requires asphalt repair as well. These both can cause the asphalt to become compromised and in need of repaving where it has been damaged. Whenever asphalt damage is created and is left unattended, the damage often spreads and causes a greater need for an overall asphalt repair and repaving.

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